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Zero Roaming Fees

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iPod to iPhone

Convert your iPod to an
iPhone and start making
and taking calls

Introducing Qongle

Qongle is the ultimate mobile companion packed full of features for roaming overseas and for every day use at home

Power Bank

Approx x3 charges (iPhone 6)



Dual band mobile wireless router

Switch between WiFi and cellular
data. Create a WiFi data hotspot
to connect multiple devices


“I will be outstationed to Cambodia in late October for 1 year. I’d like to try out this service to keep my local number and be contactable”

This user will continue to keep his mobile number in Singapore while working in Cambodia, all incoming and outgoing calls to and from Singapore will have ZERO roaming charges!


“I’m traveling to Toyko and I’d like to be contactable for my parents and friends back in Singapore, some of the older folks aren’t that tech savvy and they prefer to call me using a landline”

This user wanted to make it easy for his parents to call him while he was overseas without any roaming fees.


Business Travelers

“I was amazed that I was able to conduct a conference call in India with my Singapore counterpart while traveling in a car”

Using his Singapore mobile this user was able to conduct a conference call while traveling in a car in India without incurring roaming charges



“I want to pass a Qongle to my eldest son who is due to study in London for 3 years. We will be able to keep in touch via his Singapore mobile number while he’s studying in the UK”

This will allow the family to stay in touch and nobody will be charged any roaming fees or for calls overseas.

Multiple Countries 1 Smartphone

“I’ve put a Qongle in each of these locations: Indonesia, Singapore and USA with the respective local SIM. I’m always contactable on my iPhone from these 3 different locations and mobile numbers”

This user runs a business and with a factory in Indonesia, headquarters in USA and she stays in Singapore. She placed a Qongle in each of these locations with the respective Mobile SIM. She is technically ‘Always local at these 3 locations’, and communicates to each location without paying any roaming fees.

*Available for B2B segment only